Illumetek had another great year of growth and expansion in the marketplace.  We achieved significant wins in the categories of Title 24 implementation, saw our first connected ceiling roll-out, and celebrate the addition of a Controls Division to better manage the expanding needs of our clients.

But our real growth and prosperity has come from the entire companies willingness to become a more inspired organization.

We have begun in earnest the process of increasing:

  • our inward focus to better understand why we do what we do
  • our peer-to-peer focus to improve our levels of engagement and empathy
  • and our outward focus to facilitate enhanced strategy and innovation for the company as a whole

The world of change our clients are experiencing in the digital era has to be reflected in our own willingness to embrace organizational transformation.

While in 2018 we are already poised for another strong performance,  the year is really about facilitating our ability to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to prosper in this new era.  As the quest for intelligent networked systems begins to take shape in the minds of our clients,  Illumetek is positioning itself to actively participate in the digital ecosystem that will support end to end optimization of all aspects of a building.

A quality visual environment, seamless operation, increased digital functionality are all hallmarks of this extraordinary time in lighting and building management.  We believe our most important assets are the values we have nourished this past year for continuous improvement in the ongoing pursuit of excellence.  Values that will support not only our customers, but our vendors and employees as well.

Thank you to everyone inside and outside of Illumetek for a great 2017. It has been an absolute pleasure working beside so many wonderful people,  in the service of so many wonderful people.


Erin Plivelich• President

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