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Overcoming 3 Common Problems in Commercial Lighting Program Management – Deadlines, Resources and Fear of the Unknown By Kate Reynolds // September 24, 2018
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The ability to troubleshoot these common issues early will help the success of your LED lighting program

How to Tackle Budget and Product Knowledge – Two Very Common Problems in Commercial Lighting Program Management By Kate Reynolds // September 24, 2018
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Tips to help you and your organization overcome commercial lighting program management complications

Lighting and Technology Trends – An Expert’s Take on the Rapidly Changing Landscape By Kate Reynolds // June 12, 2018

May was an exciting month for Illumetek. We traveled to Chicago for LIGHTFAIR, secured some exciting new partnerships and on-boarded a handful of new team members.

Meet Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) and Redaptive, the Company Paving the Way By Kate Reynolds // April 26, 2018

As mentioned in a previous post on cost vs. value, we completed an exercise in market research by surveying trade show attendees over the last 6 weeks. We first deployed the surveys at SPECS in Dallas, then at the EEI National Key Accounts Workshop in Orlando, and finally at PRSM in Nashville.

The New Return on Investment – Evaluating Cost vs. Value By Kate Reynolds // March 30, 2018
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That was one of the questions we included on a recent survey given to SPECS attendees in Dallas. The majority of answers we received were some variation of the following…

Welcome to the Lighting Industry, Kid. By Kate Reynolds // March 16, 2018
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I’m going to be very honest with you: I’m not a lighting expert.

I’m a marketer, I’m a “digital native” (yes, that’s code for Millennial) and I’ve witnessed a significant tech-influenced evolution of the marketing and advertising industry over the last decade – which, believe it or not, is similar to what the lighting industry is going through right now.

Your LED Lighting Guide: Lumens, Watts and Efficacy Explained By Kate Reynolds // March 12, 2018
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Whether you are new to the lighting retrofit business or a seasoned expert, picking the right LED fixture, lamp or kit for your space can be challenging. So, how do you choose?

In this blog, we’ll discuss current and projected benchmarks for the efficacy of LED packages and complete luminaires, as well as provide comparisons to conventional technologies.

Answers to 4 FAQs about LED Technology By Kate Reynolds // March 02, 2018

LED technology is rapidly changing. While the efficacy of LED continues to improve thanks to new materials, better manufacturing processes, and new configurations, these rapid technological advancements also prompt questions regarding cost, quality, sustainability and ROI.

Whether you are new to the lighting retrofit business or a seasoned expert, keeping up with the pace can be especially challenging. We hope these answers help as you navigate the world of LED.

Illumetek receives Most Projects Completed Award from AEP OHIO By Illumetek // January 23, 2018
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On January 16th, our own Marci Neal visited AEP Ohio in Wilmot, OH to receive an award. Representing the Illumetek Rebate Team, she accepted an award for “Most Projects Completed”.

Why LED Lighting Surprises Us All By Illumetek // January 12, 2018

The revolution in LED Lighting arrived on the doorstep of the public psyche with an enormous footfall. Rarely does technology leap into our lives and make us say “Wait, when did this even happen?” Your grandmother likely already has an LED bulb in her foyer – the LED revolution happened quickly.

Rounding out 2017 and looking forward to 2018 By Erin Plivelich // December 28, 2017

Illumetek had another great year of growth and expansion in the marketplace. We achieved significant wins in the categories of Title 24 implementation, saw our first connected ceiling roll-out, and celebrate the addition of a Controls Division to better manage the expanding needs of our clients.

Efficiency Programs and Rebates: Save More Do More By Kristen Osborn // September 28, 2017

In the early days of lighting rebates and incentives, the concept of utility companies handing out checks as a reward for more efficient energy programs sounded too good to be true.