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How to Prevent Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

Thursday, January 21, 2021 By Niki Schillero

The ability to recognize and take action when you notice an electrical hazard in the workplace is crucial in order for your facility to successfully operate. From retail spaces to warehouses, the common denominator for facilities is the use of electrical energy, which can also be the main factor for electrical hazards in the workplace.

Many workers and individuals are exposed to electrical energy while conducting their day-to-day responsibilities, and many can be unaware of the potential hazards that are present in their work environment. Individuals should always take precautionary measures and know how to prevent electrical hazards in the workplace to eliminate unnecessary injuries.


In order to prevent electrical hazards in the workplace, it’s important to know what some of these potential hazards could be. According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), there’s four main types of electrical hazards:

  1. Electrocution

  2. Electric shock

  3. Burns

  4. Falls due to contact with electrical energy 

Physical contact with any kind of electrical equipment can cause harm to an individual. When there’s lack of knowledge on how to prevent serious injuries from happening, that’s when accidents can happen. Maintaining safety is a key contributor in order to prevent electrical hazards in the workplace. Here’s some precautionary measures and electrical safety basics that can be implemented on a regular basis:

  • Ensure electrical equipment is connected properly, grounded and in good working order

  • Try to refrain from using extension cords as a permanent solution for wiring and electrical access - install more wall outlets if needed

  • Avoid placing electrical cords in high-traffic areas (i.e. doorways, under carpets, or out in the open) as this can be a tripping hazard

  • The use of surge suppressors (aka surge protector) with built-in circuit breakers can be used as a long-term solution to prevent a future electrical hazard

  • Be sure to inspect exposed wiring for any damage or fraying regularly. If you notice damage, contact a professional

  • Portable space heaters, air conditioners, or other high amperage equipment should be plugged directly into a wall outlet

  • Don't tamper or alter your facility's circuit breaker panels and electric unless you're qualified, authorized and wearing the proper gear to make changes

  • Avoid wet environments, especially around electrical areas as this can increase the risk of electrical shock

  • Know the location of your facility's circuit panels and the location of a shut-off switch in the event of an emergency where the disconnection of the main power is needed

  • Hire a professional to safely install or update your facility's electrical wiring 


Electrical hazards can always be present within a facility. By following some of the basic electrical safety tips we've shared and conducting regular preventative maintenance you'll be able to keep your facility and individuals safe.

If you need assistance with electrical needs in your facilities, be sure to hire a professional. At Illumetek, a Division of Lightserve we have a dedicated team that can safely assist with electrical installations, remodels or refreshes, and any other questions that you may need answered. Feel free to contact us for your electrical needs at hello@illumetek.com or give us a call at (800) 644-2566.

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