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Preparing Your Retail Facility For Black Friday

Friday, November 15, 2019 By Yudi Levine

2019 is projected to be the first year in which US holiday sales will reach the one trillion dollar mark. Brick-and-mortar purchases remain a dominant force in that projection – representing an estimated 86.6% of holiday sales.

With the average shopper spending roughly $300 on Black Friday alone, this day is a focal point of every holiday season. While packing stores with holiday shoppers is the goal of most retailers (we see you REI  Screen-Shot-2019-11-18-at-2-35-20-PM.png), this increased traffic comes with challenges.

Working with retailers for the past 26 years has taught us a few things about making your store inviting to shoppers, as well as safe and efficient. Here are some tips for preparing your facility for the increased Black Friday and holiday season traffic.

  1. Holiday Displays
    With online shopping becoming increasingly more popular, the holiday display in your store is becoming increasingly more important. Shopping online in the comfort of your home is convenient, but it lacks the festive spirits that a brick and mortar store provides during the holiday season. The more seasonal cheer you can bring to your store, the more you will motivate consumers to leave their homes and come purchase items in-store. These large displays come with both lighting and electrical challenges. Whether they require additional outlets, power poles or temporary power, it is crucial to have support available to make your vision a reality.

  2. Bright Stores
    Make sure to create a welcoming environment in which customers will want to stay. In addition to being inviting, a well-lit store makes your merchandise look better as well. Replacing outages is a simple way to increase the light level of your facility. Contrasting the light to highlight important items will help showcase the products you want to be most noticeable to shoppers. Replacing or changing lighting can be challenging to do in a busy store, the earlier you can fix your lighting the better, you don’t want to have ladders out and people up in the ceiling while customers are trying to shop.

  3. Accommodate for Changes in Store Hours
    Most retail stores offer extended store hours during the holiday season. During Black Friday, retailers have their doors open at all hours of the night. One mistake that is easily avoidable is forgetting to adjust your timers or EMS accommodates for the change in store hours. You don’t want to leave your customers shopping in the dark. Programming your lights for your holiday hours will ensure a seamless shopping experience for all of your store visitors.

  4. Parking Lot Safety
    Lots of people coming into your store means lots of people driving there. Some of the busiest store hours at this time of year are after dark, and as such, keeping your parking lot well lit must be a priority. If you are responsible for your exterior lighting, prepare for the increased traffic by repairing any exterior outages to provide a safe and inviting parking lot. 

If you require any assistance with your store lighting, displays, electrical needs or exterior lighting, reach out to us at hello@illumetek.com. We can help you get your facility prepared for the Black Friday traffic. Cheers to a busy yet manageable holiday season!

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