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How to Prepare Your Facilities for Black Friday and the Holiday Season

Wednesday, November 11, 2020 By Ariana Thorn

Black Friday’s right around the corner, but it’s looking a little different for 2020. When you think of Black Friday, you likely think of crowded stores, long lines, camping outside, and lots of shopping!

This year, many brick-and-mortar stores have already started their holiday deals and won’t be open on Thanksgiving. This is in effort to help keep in-store traffic down to a minimum due to COVID-19 and to provide more time to spend with family. Some of these retailers that won’t be open during the holiday this year include Target, Home Depot, Walmart, Bath & Body Works, Game Stop, Kohl’s, Macy’s and more.

The current landscape isn’t what we would consider “normal” during this time of year but preparing your facilities for the annual Black Friday shopping event and the holiday season is imperative. Here are several tips to help you and your shoppers have a safe and successful shopping spree!

Adjust Controls to Accommodate for Change in Store Hours

This year, a lot of facilities won’t be participating in the start of Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving. However, many stores will be changing their store hours for the holidays and shopping season to accommodate for shoppers. Make sure guests aren’t shopping in less lit areas that could make browsing and reading merchandise labels difficult. Check that your lighting controls, such as timers or energy management systems (EMS), are in accordance with your adjusted hours.

Attention Grabbing Holiday Displays

Holiday displays are prime selling points and attention grabbers. Accentuating the displays for seasonal sales and items will provide an eye-catching experience for customers during the holiday shopping season. Spot lighting, power poles, or additional power may be needed for these displays to come to light and attract the attention you’re looking for.

Illuminated Stores for Visibility and Appeal

A simple way to create a space ideal for shoppers is making sure any outages in the facility are replaced before the holiday season. To prevent technicians from creating unwanted obstacles during busy hours, it’s key to address lighting outages in advance. Also, with so many holiday and Black Friday deals moving online, you’ll want to check out your lighting in stock rooms, warehouses, and fulfillment areas. Employees working to get online orders prepared will thank you for providing an optimal workspace.

Parking Lot and Exterior Lighting for Safety

Provide a safe and comfortable exterior for your holiday shoppers. Adjusting the timers of all exterior and parking lot lights to turn on by dusk is crucial. Parking lot and exterior lighting provides a safer experience for all traffic surrounding your facility. Providing a well-lit exterior for customers with online pickups or those entering your brick and mortar will ensure a safe and welcoming environment.

Touchless and Germicidal Technologies for a Health-Conscious Environment

With concerns of COVID-19, touchless and germicidal technology is a great way to minimize exposure. UVC lights have pathogen neutralizing properties that have been proven to deactivate the coronavirus. If you have UVC lights installed in your HVAC units, ensure they are inspected before the holiday season to provide cleaner air to your guests. Additionally, the installation of hand dryers is an excellent use of touchless technology in store restrooms, and a great way to reduce contact with surface pathogens. If you have these types of technology, ensure all lighting and electrical components are all in working order. Your customers will appreciate the company’s efforts in providing them a healthy and safe environment.

Final Steps to Prepare for Black Friday

Following this short guide will provide an appealing and safe environment for all your Black Friday and holiday shoppers. Please contact us at (800) 644-2566 or by filling out the form below, and we’ll offer assistance to replace lighting outages, install power poles, prepare holiday displays with additional lighting and electrical, adjust lighting controls and with other services you need to get your facility in best shape. Cheers!


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