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Lightserve is proud to announce the acquisition of Illumetek to further strengthen our national presence in all vertical lighting markets, provide enhanced opportunities to expand our current technical service capabilities, and reaffirm our collective commitment to provide exceptional customer service and value over a broader footprint.

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Harmful Effects of Blue Light and How to Protect Yourself By Ariana Thorn // October 14, 2020
"Blue Light", Lighting, Trends

Harmful effects of blue light can impact our health and well-being when overexposed, but there are different methods that can be used to protect ourselves.

Lighting 101: Wattage VS Lumens By Ariana Thorn // September 09, 2020
LED, Lighting, "Lighting 101"

Understanding the difference between wattage VS lumens can help you make lighting decisions to optimize building needs, along with energy and cost savings.

What Are UV Lights That Kill Germs? By Ariana Thorn // July 22, 2020
HVAC, Illumetek, Lighting, Trends

Proper use of UV lights that kill germs has and can be extremely effective in assisting with sterilization and sanitization in a variety of spaces. 

Benefits of UVC Light Installation in HVAC Systems By Niki Schillero // May 20, 2020
HVAC, Illumetek, Lighting, Trends

UVC light emitted at appropriate dosages can eliminate many types of bacteria and micro-organisms.

Innovative LED and Smart Lighting Applications in Commercial Buildings Expected to Grow By Niki Schillero // March 09, 2020
LED, Lighting, Trends

Innovative LED and smart lighting systems are creating more value for property developers, building owners, property managers, and occupants.

LED Lighting Creates New Opportunities for Facility Managers By Niki Schillero // January 24, 2020
Illumetek, LED, Lighting

There are many advantages to LEDs, with applications in retail spaces, office buildings and everywhere in between.

The New Reality of Lighting Rebates for LED Retrofit Programs By Yudi Levine // August 22, 2019
LED, Lighting, Rebates, Retrofit

LEDs are now priced so competitively that many lighting rebates have been significantly reduced or discontinued.