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Lightserve is proud to announce the acquisition of Illumetek to further strengthen our national presence in all vertical lighting markets, provide enhanced opportunities to expand our current technical service capabilities, and reaffirm our collective commitment to provide exceptional customer service and value over a broader footprint.

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Harmful Effects of Blue Light and How to Protect Yourself By Ariana Thorn // October 14, 2020
"Blue Light", Lighting, Trends

Harmful effects of blue light can impact our health and well-being when overexposed, but there are different methods that can be used to protect ourselves.

Healthy Buildings: Maintaining Indoor Humidity Levels in the Office By Niki Schillero // August 26, 2020
"Healthy Buildings", HVAC, Illumetek, Trends

Maintaining indoor humidity levels in the office may seem unimportant, but maintaining these levels goes hand-in-hand with the productivity of your occupants.

Healthy Buildings: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality By Ariana Thorn // August 12, 2020
"Healthy Buildings", HVAC, Illumetek, Trends

A healthy building relies on good indoor air quality, maintaining your ventilation system, and conducting proper cleaning to reduce dust and pests within your building.

What Are UV Lights That Kill Germs? By Ariana Thorn // July 22, 2020
HVAC, Illumetek, Lighting, Trends

Proper use of UV lights that kill germs has and can be extremely effective in assisting with sterilization and sanitization in a variety of spaces. 

Healthy Buildings: How to Reduce the Risk of Infection in Your Buildings By Niki Schillero // July 17, 2020
"Healthy Buildings", Illumetek, Trends

Healthy buildings are a contributor to customer and employee satisfaction, and are an essential component of organizational success.

How Does Air Duct Sanitizing Work? By Ariana Thorn // June 22, 2020
HVAC, Illumetek, Trends

Cleaning, air duct sanitizing, sterilization, and even the use of UV lighting can have a great impact on the environment of your building, energy savings, and indoor air quality.

Benefits of UVC Light Installation in HVAC Systems By Niki Schillero // May 20, 2020
HVAC, Illumetek, Lighting, Trends

UVC light emitted at appropriate dosages can eliminate many types of bacteria and micro-organisms.

Innovative LED and Smart Lighting Applications in Commercial Buildings Expected to Grow By Niki Schillero // March 09, 2020
LED, Lighting, Trends

Innovative LED and smart lighting systems are creating more value for property developers, building owners, property managers, and occupants.

How Connected LED Lighting Controls Can Increase Energy Savings By Niki Schillero // February 14, 2020
Controls, Digital, LED, Trends

Connected LED lighting controls can help you achieve energy savings, productivity, and gain a valuable understanding of your facility's operations.

The Future of Retail Hinges on Better Customer Connections By Niki Schillero // January 15, 2020
Digital, Retail, Trends

The future of retail is here, and the future of retail is now. Convenience and connection will help create that unique customer experience.

Making The Business Case for Electronic Shelf Labels By Yudi Levine // November 12, 2019
Digital, Retail, Trends

The major benefits of electronic shelf labels are their instantaneous update capabilities, reduced operating costs, and creating an engaging experience for customers while increasing profits.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Retail By Niki Schillero // October 16, 2019
Digital, Retail, Trends

As the world is continuously moving towards a more digital approach, AI in retail is revolutionizing the industry in more ways than one.

Retail Design Trends: Stores of the Future By Niki Schillero // October 10, 2019
Digital, Retail, Trends

Knowing current retail design trends and leveraging new technology is a must for retailers to survive the highly competitive retail landscape.

2019 Retail Store Lighting and Electrical Trends By Yudi Levine // September 03, 2019
Electrical, Illumetek, Retail, Trends

Here are our 2019 survey results for retailers looking to better understand current industry trends, challenges and needs to LED lighting, controls and electrical projects.