Delivering for Sherwin-Williams

How Illumetek rolled out a portfolio-wide LED upgrade across 3,763 locations within an 8-month timespan

Sherwin-Williams turned to Illumetek to orchestrate the installation of 559,145 Direct Wire LED lamps across 3,763 locations. During the project, dedicated project teams balanced materials, coordinated installer expectations, and provided clear visibility to the client- all with centralized and Illumetek managed scheduling. Throughout the aggressive installation schedule and over the following few months, we filed 1,142 applications and secured $976k in utility rebates for our client.

  • 559,145 Direct Wire LED lamps
  • 3,763 locations
  • Filed 1,142 rebate applications
  • Secured $976k in utility rebates
  • Used Express Truck Roll methology
  • Completed project on time and below budget

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