IllumeTALK Podcast Series

IllumeTALK, Episode 7: Industrial IoT Transforms Manufacturing from Plant Floor to Lighting By Niki Schillero // February 25, 2019
illumetalk, industrial, iot, manufacturing

Let's IllumeTALK about Industrial IoT and Augmented Reality!

IllumeTALK, Episode 6: The All-Important Lighting Audit – An Investment in Success with Michael Davenport of TWhigham Consulting By Kate Reynolds // January 22, 2019

Let’s IllumeTALK about Lighting Audits! In this episode, guest Michael Davenport of TWhigham Consulting explains why they are the most important part of a successful lighting project or program.

IllumeTALK, Episode 4: An Interview with PRSM CEO Bill Yanek in Scottsdale, AZ By Kate Reynolds // October 18, 2018

Let’s IllumeTALK about the retail industry with Bill Yanek, CEO of the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM). Get an inside look into what he and the PRSM team are doing adapt and evolve the experience of its members and their customers.

IllumeTALK, Episode 3: How Title 24 has changed lighting retrofit requirements in California By Kate Reynolds // October 18, 2018
LED, Lighting, Retrofits, Title24

Let’s IllumeTALK about California Energy Code – specifically Title 24, Part 6! 

IllumeTALK, Episode 2: The 7 Year Itch – An Honest Look at the 10 Year Lighting Warranty By Kate Reynolds // September 24, 2018
Illumetek, LED

Let’s IllumeTALK about whether or not a 10 year lighting warranty is relevant as technology continues to advance.

Illumetek Launches Innovative New Lighting Industry Podcast By Kate Reynolds // August 24, 2018

Illumetek Corporation (“Illumetek”), an industry-leading provider of energy efficient lighting, electrical and controls solutions, has partnered with Front Porch Media (“Front Porch”) on a new branded podcast series entitled IllumeTALK.

IllumeTALK, Episode 1: Views from the Catbird Seat – Understanding Common Obstacles in Commercial Lighting Program Management By Kate Reynolds // August 22, 2018
Controls, Illumetek, LED, Rebates

So, what exactly is the “catbird seat” of commercial lighting program management? And, what’s holding many organizations back from pursuing LED lighting upgrades and more energy efficient environments?

Get Ready for the IllumeTALK Podcast! By Kate Reynolds // August 15, 2018
Controls, Illumetek, LED, Rebates

An exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at our new podcast – IllumeTALK

We’re launching a lighting and efficiency-focused podcast and could not be more excited!