Illumetek is an industry leader in lighting and technology upgrades with a unique commitment to logistical expertise for portfolio-wide program management. From LED Retrofits to smart ceilings, Illumetek has maintained an unparalleled reputation in nationwide coverage and managed services. We specialize in LED Upgrades, Scheduled Maintenance, Reactive Service, Electrical Installations, Controls, IoT, and Labor Only Management.

Additionally, Illumetek is an award winning participant in utility incentive programs across the country, filing 100% of our customers’ rebates and returning 100% of those dollars back to the customer. That is all part of our total program management approach.

Founded in 1993, Illumetek’s core values of Confidence, Innovation, Ownership, Respect and Optimization foster a culture of cutting-edge technology, personalized solutions and overall value for our clients. We work with you to develop the programs and product solutions that improve your bottom line and put the focus back on your core competencies.


In our more than two decades in the lighting and electrical industry, we have cultivated a multitude of relationships with vendors, suppliers, technicians, and more that put us in position to deliver world-class products and services to our customers. These strategic alliances give us access to a range of resources, such as brand name equipment, hard-to-acquire OEM stock, specialized technical expertise, and time-saving solutions.

These partnerships are at the core of our economy of scale. When industry experts combine for the benefit of our customers, everyone wins. What it all comes down to is positioning ourselves to be able to give our customers what they need, when and where they need it, and at a national price.

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Employment at Illumetek

At Illumetek, we focus on hiring individuals who we believe will be mutually beneficial assets to our company. Job candidates must be a good fit for our company, and our company must be a good fit for the candidates. We make sure that each new employee will have a positive experience within our organization. In turn, that helps our organization to thrive as well.

Along with a full benefits package, we provide our employees with a positive, engaging and fast-paced environment. Our employees take pride in their work, fostering a supportive team atmosphere.

Growth potential is not only attainable at Illumetek, but expected. We work with your strengths and often create new positions for current employees that will allow them to excel at their job. We reward effort and your growth is based on performance.

Our Core Values


  • I will measure and reward results, not activity.
  • I will not be defeated by failure nor lulled into complacency by success.
  • I will have the strength to always question my knowledge but never my capabilities.


  • I will anticipate change, envision what could be, test outcomes, and drive creative decisions through experimental discovery.
  • I will display curiosity and learn from my mistakes.


  • I will take ownership of my decisions and empower others to do so as well.
  • I will commit to seeing the bigger picture.
  • I will dedicate time to continuously developing the knowledge and skill sets needed to serve our customers and stay competitive in our industry.


  • I will value every employee, customers, vendor and partner at Illumetek.
  • I will appreciate the value of diversity and differences while encouraging a culture of teamwork.
  • I will respect these guiding principles and the expectations that come with them; holding myself and others accountable for these company values.


  • I will participate in and contribute to a dynamic environment focused on creating the best experience and results for customers.
  • I will value the strength of relationships and strive to create a personalized connection with customers, partners and employees.
  • I will see customer challenges as an opportunity to establish, promote, and provide exceptional management solutions.
  • I will demonstrate commitment, persistence, and a sense of urgency in achieving results.

Vendor Recruitment

Illumetek is looking for skilled partners in the field for lighting and electrical projects and service.  If you are interested in expanding your business without expanding your sales and marketing efforts, consider a partnership with Illumetek today. Please fill out the information below as completely as you can, and we will contact you to discuss the details.

Illumetek Vendor Partners