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Why LED Lighting Surprises Us All

Friday, January 12, 2018 By Illumetek

The revolution in LED Lighting arrived on the doorstep of the public psyche with an enormous footfall. Rarely does technology leap into our lives and make us say “Wait, when did this even happen?” Your grandmother likely already has an LED bulb in her foyer – the LED revolution happened quickly.

The exponential benefits that LED lighting offers over incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lighting sits counter to our shared experience with our 20th century experience – another reason we find it mind blowing.

LED means so much more than light in 2018

The tide of digitization and the wild west of the Internet of Things has coincided with breakthroughs in LED lighting capability. This pairing has, for office space and retail markets , transformed our understanding of LED. LED Luminaire ‘s are no longer focused on managing heat, ballast, fluorescent gas and hardware reflectors. Because of the versatility of the mighty LED, fixtures are built electronics first – and include sensors, controls, network capability and of course, adaptive lighting.

LED is the platform so mind-blowingly capable of bringing digitization to every piece of brick and mortar

Consumers that have come to power have grown up in the digital age. They come with new wishes, new demands and new ways of interacting with products and brands. Quite frankly, the online world of personalization and access requires brick and mortar retail to keep up.

Whether or not the right question is “How can we make our in-store experience match that of a well groomed and personalized online experience?” we can be sure it is being asked in board rooms across the country. Aspects of that answer, of course, come from the mighty LED, and his built-in friends.

LED is tunable

The first and most obvious benefit of transformation with LED is the ability for highly tunable light. Not only can color temperature and profiles be adjusted at time of manufacture, but light intensity and color can be adjusted throughout the day, or even for various customers.

Warmer evening light might better help the sale of watermelons in the evening, but bright daylight blend might better sell yoga mats. The ability to adjust, the ability to experiment, and the ability to personalize is astounding.

LED is way-finding

Like any well navigable website, locating product in a store can undeniably make or break a sale. If a consumer can’t find a product, it won’t be purchased. By aiding customers in navigating our stores, we’ve eliminated a deterrent, and created a positive experience.

There are many product-finding solutions in today’s marketplace that utilize sensors, and individually managed light sources built into LED Luminaires. Using a mobile phone to track oneself within a store can outpace even verbose signage when searching for one product among thousands of SKUs.

LED is analytics

Analytics have become the life-blood of marketing. LED can be utilized to provide analytics to uncover and understand customer behavior.

Gathering information on things such as time spent in a certain aisle, who is reading a shelf information, how much time at a register, and more can all provide a retailer with current and future custom marketing opportunities.

LED in the office and warehouse- does it end with energy efficiency?

Certainly one of the most compelling reasons to switch to LED lighting is for energy efficiency and savings. The lumens to watt ratio, in addition to the energy rebate offers from energy companies, makes the switch an easy decision- especially with ROIs measured in months, not years.

For office and warehouse applications, LEDs with integrated sensors and controls can be networked together to provide location based information on occupancy, lighting requirements , temperature and security.

You no longer need to heat, cool, or light an entire building. Smart LED luminaires can offer desk by desk lighting , even in open office platforms. Personalization again, is the winner.

The LED of 2018

The drum beat in LED technology over the last century has accelerated into a frenzy. The revolution has brought us into a world of reliable, cost-effective, bright and tunable LEDs that are running circles around the luminaires that led the way just a decade ago.

This revolution of LED technology surprised us all. What a bright new world!

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