The concept of utility companies handing out checks as a reward for being a better energy consumer sounded too good to be true.

In these  early days of efficiency programs, lighting rebates and incentives were introduced into the discussion that would typically generate common questions…

“How much extra will that cost me?”

“Is it a lot of extra work?”

“What’s the catch?”

Several years later, and with a successful track record of $3.8M in rebates managed and returned to our customers, we understand the process, see the value, and know without a doubt it is still the real deal.

As a company considering a property wide lighting project, what does this mean to you?

  1. SAVE MORE:  Lighting rebates mean greater savings to you. Let’s say you want to retrofit all of your stores to garner savings off your electric bill first and foremost as well as become a more energy efficient corporate citizen. A lot of utility companies understand this and are offering cash/credit rebates to help you to become greener and more efficient. Does the project have the measurable kWh savings in order to receive a rebate?  Programs can be custom or prescriptive; we’ll handle all of that for you.
  2. DO MORE:  Maybe there’s a project that’s not even made it on to your list due to current budget constraints, or it’s in an area that you aren’t currently targeting. It’s a big decision and a large expenditure. Some utility companies offer cash incentives as motivation to move forward with an energy-efficient program.  In these situations the utility will let you know if you qualify.

Whether the project was pre-planned and took advantage of an existing rebate or the offered incentive was the project catalyst, the end result is the same. Your organization is reaping the energy savings month after month, year after year.

  1. Your location is well lit with quality lighting.
  2. The kWh savings generated by this project benefits you, your neighbors, and the utility companies.

In the coming months, we’ll discuss more of the nuances of rebates in general as well as provide real time information you can use. For now, to answer those common questions from earlier… Illumetek offers rebate management as a value added service for our customers. Our highly qualified team handles all the work and our customers garner all the rewards. No catch, just our way of going the extra mile for our customers.

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